Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WHAT?!?! Hanna got kicked off?

I am a big time fan of  The Glee Project on the Oxygen channel. It's a talent search show for the next Glee star and it's amazing. There is a group of  young adult actors/singers/dancers and they are some of the boldest and most talented kids I've seen on TV in a long time. They blow the Idol kids out of the water (that's just my opinion). 
So, last week the fun, bright, witty, talented, related-able, real, hilarious, brave, girl named Hanna got kicked off the show. It was a shocker! I was rooting for her since the beginning. I really wanted her to be there in the end because I felt like she could add a lot to the cast of Glee. I will miss watching her perform and sing. Now, I am VERY curious as who could win the spot on Glee. One more show until the finale show. I am at the edge of my seat!!! 
This is Hanna. I'm not worried, she'll get a gig b/c of this show!


Jen Tapler said...

Your blog is fabulous!! I just enjoyed being nosy and getting a glimpse into your personal life for a good half hour - loved it!! ;-) LOVE the work you've done on your house and all the fun stuff you've shared! The class posts were AWESOME!! What a fun tool the Class Blog will be - YAY! Can't wait!!

Jen Tapler said...

Oh, and by the way - I've never heard of this Glee show, but thanks a lot for probably getting me hooked on something new! I LOVE Glee and this show sounds cool. I'm not a fan of Idol, but this sounds like something I could watch. Just what I need...ha!