Tuesday, August 30, 2011

About The VMA's....

The VMA's were on last Sunday and it was like a roller coster ride! 
Here are my top 4 thoughts and review....
I died when Beyonce preformed at the VMA's. She is classy and sets the bar high for the  kids coming into the music industry these days. She topped off her performance by dropping the mic and  showing off her belly bump at the very end. It was very sweet!!!

Lady Gaga was hilarious! For once she stayed in only one outfit for the entire night. She dressed as a man. MTV didn't have a host this year but I think Lady Gaga should have been hired for the job! Every time the camera would go to Lady Gaga I would just crack up because of her persona she had ALL night long!! It was greatness!

I just learned about this singer named Jessie J. She was amazing. Her job was to sing the songs as the show was going in and out of commercial breaks. Jessie J. has an amazing voice and I think she stole the show!

Ugh.... katy Perry is just trying too hard! I just feel like she used to dress with the style of a glamor girl/vintage pin up, and now she's trying to be like Lady Gaga but fails. I don't know where to start...it's all just a huge mess and she needs to hire a stylist- stat!  

Overall the show was a little rough around the edges but then again I think I am just getting older and not really amused by all the new faces in the music industry. I do appreciate amazing talent and I think Beyonce and Gaga brought that to the table! THANK GOD for real talent. 

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beachcitylifestyle said...

I agree about Katy. She can't dance and that is just weird.