Monday, January 2, 2012

So I got some really neat vintage chairs from my grandpa's house after he passed. They are so due to be recovered. I went to a fabric store with my mother in law one day last week and found these fabrics that I like. Do you like any of these? Be honest.

A new restaurant one Maui. Here's my thoughts.1. love the decor 2. yummy food 3. friendly service 4. clean bathrooms 5. prices were on the lower side 

6. quality food 7. big menu but not too big 8. BYOB 9. relaxed environment 10. AWESOME  fresh-baked bread and pies!!! 

Little change to my blog!

Look up!!! I changed the banner of my blog a bit. Just a little color and font switch-a-roo to bring life to the blog again! 
I Hope you like it!