Friday, September 23, 2011

How Cool is this?????????

My class made the local news show!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back in '09

I cannot believe this... I saw this picture of me the other day and haven't stopped thinking about it. This was me finishing my 1/2 marathon back in 2009. I did it in 2 hrs and 13 mins! I remember thinking back when I was in this shape how badly I wanted to drop another 10 lbs!!!! It's a sick disease in our brains to never be happy with the shape we are in at that time. I would like to get to this place again and be this fit. I'm working on it and I know I can get there!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

3 Things I love....

This school year is starting off on a great foot! I am so happy with the awesome personalities I have in my class and I am feel much more relaxed this year. Don't get me wrong we still have a loooooong ways to go and a lot to learn and discover. I feel great about this year and I am loving my job everyday!

Jordan and I just booked a trip to Vegas for this upcoming December. It just so happens to be his 30TH BIRTHDAY!!! I can't wait to celebrate, dance, drink, and be merry for his big b-day bash. We are hoping some friends and family will be joining in on the fun too! Should be a good time!

Good news is always amazing to hear. This week I found out that my step-dad got back his test results and he is in the clear after is surgery of cancer. As of right now, there is no trace of cancer in his body and that is AMAZINGLY GOOD NEWS!