Sunday, July 31, 2011

A little paint and window coverings!

Ok, we got our act together and made a change in our master bedroom this weekend. Here's the before and after pictures! 

Here is the BEFORE....

Added is the new window coverings... the green stuff is painters tape.

We picked out the new color and got to work! 

AFTER: our finished product! We are thrilled with the results.

Monday, July 25, 2011

My feelings on.....

This is how I feel about summer ending tomorrow....
   This is how I feel about meeting my new class of kinders and their families!

I teach at a year-round-school and we start tomorrow in our classroom and with meetings. The kids come to school August 1st....wish me luck!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Be Our Guest!

My niece is 3 yrs old and so much fun on her visit to Maui with her mommmy and daddy!
She came to visit us and we did so many fun things that the week went by too FAST!
Some highlights were...
* We watched Beauty and the Beast and found that we both looooove to sing along to Be Our Guest! 
* I introduced her to Enchanted and she's now a fan of that movie, like her aunty! 
* We swam at the Grand Wailea for 2 days non stop.
* We went frog hunting at night. Not to kill them but to spot them with flashlights.
* Enjoyed some rainbow sorbet. After we ate all of our dinner of course!
* Had a all round great visit!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Things going on....

I'm keeping this posting short and sweet. Busy enjoying my sweet time of summer break... school is starting up soon ... =( SAD FACE aka not ready for it.

My mama taught me how to set a table.

Our guest room is all set! 

Sophie girl is still looking cute these days!

Friday, July 8, 2011

My bucket is full :)

I like to think of  happiness like a bucket that gets full when I experience true bliss....
This month I have felt like my bucket is over flowing....and here's why:

My husband and I moved into our new house and it wasn't just that, but the loads of help and support we got from both our parents. My husband's parents painted and laid the flooring for our entire home and worked non stop for 5 days. They continue to come over and help get projects done. My parents have also been amazingly generous. They are constantly lending a hand to get the finishing touches for our new nest and my mom is great at doing small tasks that take up a lot of time. The support and love we've gotten from them have been overwhelmingly great and I don't know how to thank them! 

As the summer began in May, I began working 2 days a week at a new salon in Wailuku. It has been SO MUCH FUN! I am so grateful for meeting two new fabulous and kind friends. These girls are always telling me they love me, they appreciate me being there, and all I can say is NO, THANK YOU! It's been so much fun that I don't want it to end. I get that lump in my throat thinking about it. I am loving the time I spend there and the best part is I got two new friends out of the experience. Priceless!

This summer I also started a tutoring "company" with my friend Jessica. It has been so fun and rewarding. The kids who have joined our sessions have been sweet, focused, and a joy to work with. I am so thankful to Jessica for opening up her home and letting the tutoring sessions take place there. I feel like I have gotten to use my skills to help kids learn and also bond with Jessica as the summer rolled on. We have gotten to hangout more and more. Not to mention she has two VERY cute little boys who I love to hang with as well. 

I've noticed I have been relaxed and I think it's important for me to stop, notice, and aknoeledge that this is what happiness feels like for me. Or how I like to say by bucket being full. 
There's more on my horizon that is looking up as well. My brother and his family are coming to visit and stay as our first house guests! Also, I am focused and working on a healthy lifestyle to get some lbs. off and I've hired a personal trainer to help along the way- who I love. Not only that but, I got my mom to workout with us ans she's kicking butt! 

***Thank you to all my blog readers and followers! It's means a lot to me!***

Until next posting.... :) 

Thursday, July 7, 2011


The 4th of July 2011... aka the first holiday we spent in our new house!
Here is Dwightster (my step-dad) teaching my nephew a magic trick. Once Dylan got it down he went around and did it to every person at the BBQ... love to see that Dwight's tricks still work!

My mother in law made a fabulous cookie cake for the BBQ! I asked for it and she made it! It tasted so good and looked awesome!

Beach Day on the 4th.... we were happy campers with this as our view! I am in love with the clouds in this picture. I took a deep breath at this moment and it felt good!