Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Three Year Anniversary!!

Jordan and I celebrated our three year anniversary on June 20th. 
It was a sweet day he and I spent together. 
In the a.m. I went to the pool for a swim and he went to work. Later, he sent me a text  that said "Can I take you out to lunch?" I melted and of course went home and got ready for our lunch date! We headed off to The Four Seasons in Wailea and had lunch at Ferraro's Bar e Ristorante. It was yummy & a sweet lunch date! Here's a few pics I snapped...

A belly shot outside the restaurant.

My hubs & our lunch! I give it a 9 out of 10!

Cheers to many more years!

I wore my wedding shoes.

Here are the roses and card Jordan got me. I LOOOOOOOVE to get flowers!   

That same day I went through some old pictures as well as our wedding album. Here are two of my favorite pics since we've been together.

This is Jordan and I back in 2005. We had been dating for about 3 months and went out on his dad's boat. I remember this day like it was yesterday. The ocean was stunning and we had a blast! His mom snapped this pic of us and it's just one of my faves!

This is Jordan and I on our wedding day. We just said "I do" and couldn't stop smiling! This was an amazing day!

Summer Break is amazing!

My summer break has been so awesome! I haven't even gone any where (yet) but it's just been so nice to be home, relax, and do what I want! I think every job should get two months off. It's so good for the soul!!!  I have been getting to spend lots of quality time with the hubs. We realize this is the last summer of just "us two" and we are soaking up the quiet moments and peaceful dinners out to restaurants. It's so great to have this time together and I am loving every minute of it! I also am getting some time to spend with friends and do what I like to do when I have free time.... which is SHOP! :) 
This little cutie is Noah. He is my friend's little boy. We got to spend the day together last week and I cannot get enough of him. I just love his sweet personality and how funny he is. Here is a collage of pics I took this day we all hung out at his Nana's pool. It was a fun & relaxing day! Little Noah brings a smile to my face every time!

 These days I have hung up my CrossFit shoes and began swimming 3 days a week here. I'll go back to CrossFit once my body is ready for it. I get into the pool with all the tutus and uncles for an hour long class of deep end water aerobics. DON'T LAUGH! It's a tough class. I don't use a float or noodle. I tread water and swim the entire time. It's so nice to workout in the water at 4 months pregnant because you can't feel your ass shake!

4 mos preggers!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Stripes On The Wall: CHECK!

The stripes and walls are done in the baby's room. 
First off, I have to give Jordan all the credit. He did this 100% himself. All I did was help find the how-to- DIY directions on how to paint stripes successfully and pick out the colors. 
Jordan did all the prepping, measuring, painting, and clean up!! 
I have one talented husband! 
Here are some before and after pictures of the room so far...


Although we did just paint this room a year ago I knew I wanted horizontal stripes to make the room pop. We narrowed our gray choices down to two colors and we ended up going with the one on the top.

Good thing Jordan is a perfectionist and makes sure the lines are straight. He borrowed a laser level from his brother Bud and that tool was VERY HELPFUL to get the lines exact.


Another before & after of me standing in front of the mirror closet doors in the room.

I know we have lots more to do... (find curtains, add the toe kick to the flooring, put together the crib, find an area rug, etc.) 
So, keep checking back. I will be updating my blog with pictures of the progress. 
Thanks for stopping by and reading the blog! 
~ Gina

Adiel's Bridal Shower

On Friday, we showered my dear friend Adiel. She's getting married on June 21st. It was a fun time at The Five Palms Restaurant. Adiel's sister did a great job hosting and getting all the girls together. 
Here are some fun pictures from the party that I got. 

The Bride and her party!
The bride. Every time a penis straw ends up making an appearance!

Judy did a great job on the gift wrap bouquet! It was a piece of art.

Adiel thought it was better as a hat. She cracks me up! Love her! Can't wait to see Adiel in her wedding dress!!!


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Baby Room Items

Little Peanut's room is sloooooooowly coming along.  I have been hunting like a mad woman on Craigslist for items to furnish the room. It's the show like design on a dime over here. I don't have much of a budget for this room. But I DO have what seems like an endless list of items to get for the nursery: crib, crib bedding, rocker, area rug, dresser (used as a changing table as well), storage boxes, and closet organizer.

I am been very inspired by nursery #3 listed on this website here. I am loving the colors in this room!!! We found this rocker on CL for $150!

Another CL find! $70 crib. The hubs painted with a fresh coat of white paint, can't wait to pick out some cute bedding for this thing!

Here I am at 4 months. Baby is the size of a baseball! Thank you, Jesus for cotton maxi skirts!
Project Nursery

My 1st Mother's Day!

The hubs got me this for my 1st Mother's Day! I loved this Hallmark Holiday and was on cloud 9 all day!

Got to spend the morning with my mama. I love it when she's here & we can laugh our heads off at each other!

To my mom: who still teaches me how to be bold, bright, witty, driven, honest, & how to cook a spicy meatball!

oh and she taught me to always set the table! (so happy, I scored this darling table cloth at a garage sale!!!)

We ate eggs benedict & breakfast potatoes! It was a yummy morning!

...guess what....???


It's going to be a Thanksgiving baby! So we think...

Little Peanut's 1st picture!! It was a moment I will not forget! Is it a boy or a girl? We don't know & we're not going to find out until D-day. We also have some names picked out but we're keeping them a secret. Boo, no fun! But, it's going to be awesome when Little Peanut comes out!