Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wedding weekend...

This weekend was the calm before the storm (we move into our new place next week). We enjoyed a night out with Jordan's high school buddies at one of his long time friend's wedding. Here is just a few pictures from the wedding day. It was nice to see Jordan laugh and hang with his old school friends.




Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I made this for T.E. .....

My best friend just got into Un. of San Fransisco's Masters program for nursing! I had this video from the time we spent together this past March and I have been meaning to make it into something fun. 
I was playing around on imovie tonight and here is the final product!!!
This is Tay! 
This is her to a T!
She is always funny, happy, laughing, smiling, and singing! 
Congratulations Tay- I am so proud of you! 
Haha, and I know you're gonna kill me for this! 

Friday, May 20, 2011

fun stuff!

These are the stunning mountains that rest behind our campus... they are majestic!

I loved the dog drawing lesson we did last week . The kids all did great with this!

Here is a center I made up this week.
Each student gets a cup with 6 beads in it. The beads have
letters on them. They pick one bead at a time and 
have to write 3 different words on their paper 
that start with that letter.

 Here is another workstation for patterning :)

I copied off some fun spring time clip art onto colored paper and then cut it into little squares. The kids had to make patterns on their paper using the clip art squares. They looooooved it!
This is just another way we practice addition during math-     Yes, these are painted Lima beans!

until next time....


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Does it SINK or FLOAT? Let's find out....

My personal life pretty much the same-o-same-o, so I decided to blog about my classroom again. 
This week I did a simple science experiment with the kiddos. 
Here's was we did:
The students were given a paper to record there findings. The question was "Will it sink or float?" Here is what we used. 
One plastic cup filled with water.
a penny
a paperclip
a small piece of paper
a cotton ball
a lima bean

Step One, Have the kids to make an estimation on whether the items will sink or float. Next go one by one and  drop each item into the cup of water.
Once the item was dropped in they were asked to record their findings by coloring in the box according to what happened.

The kiddos loved this experiment. They noticed that paper will float and a cotton ball will sink.

One of my little guys discovered if you get the cotton ball wet and then squeeze it, and drop it back into the cup again it will float on the top instead of sink like it did the 1st time.  (I love those brains!)
We had a rich conversation after this experiment was through. We chatted about why some items would sink or float. We compared our estimations to our results and the kids loved getting to play with water. AND, only one cup was spilled out of 12. 
That's pretty good! :) 
E-mail me if you want this document- I'd love to share it with you! 

until next time...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

More workstations... yay!

 Here we are measuring again! 
I love getting the kids working anywhere but at their seats and here you can see they are on the classroom floor! 

They are measuring with objects and recording their findings. 
This will then get glued into their everything tablet when they are finished with the station. This way I can go back and look at their work.

 Here this student is playing "ROLL THE WORD". I got this idea from a fabulous blog! They roll the die and look at the "key" on the worksheet. Whatever word is next to that number they rolled they have to write that sight word. The kiddos enjoy this activity.
 Rhyming words are so fun! I put a picture and the word in an egg. They open one egg at a time and have to think of a word that rhymes with that picture. Then, they write both words on this sheet. I later ask them to glue this sheet into their work tablet where I can refer back to at the grading period.
 Bunny hopping syllables. The kinders loooooved this and I cannot take credit for making it up. I saw it on a blog and not sure which one (sorry!). 
The kids were asked to hop and count each syllable for each card. I made each card have a different style of bunny and they loved it!
She was hopping and happy all day after this workstation!

Telling Time Workstation...

Here the kids are looking at the digital times on the poster and drawing the hands of an analog clock onto their paper.

The kiddos were very self directed when doing this station and I was able to use their paper after as a formative assessment.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Measurment Workstation...

We went outside and got to work on our measuring lines on the playground.
 We used our hands to measure the line...
 We used this worksheet and clipboard to log our answers after we measured
 These are measurement "feet" for another fun tool to use!
 Our own feet were one of the ways too!
Popsicle sticks were the last tools of measurement that we used to get our answers... go much fun! 
I want to thank the awesome teacher blogs I follow to get these fun and active lesson ideas from! They are not all from my brain. 

Until next time,