Sunday, May 8, 2011

More workstations... yay!

 Here we are measuring again! 
I love getting the kids working anywhere but at their seats and here you can see they are on the classroom floor! 

They are measuring with objects and recording their findings. 
This will then get glued into their everything tablet when they are finished with the station. This way I can go back and look at their work.

 Here this student is playing "ROLL THE WORD". I got this idea from a fabulous blog! They roll the die and look at the "key" on the worksheet. Whatever word is next to that number they rolled they have to write that sight word. The kiddos enjoy this activity.
 Rhyming words are so fun! I put a picture and the word in an egg. They open one egg at a time and have to think of a word that rhymes with that picture. Then, they write both words on this sheet. I later ask them to glue this sheet into their work tablet where I can refer back to at the grading period.
 Bunny hopping syllables. The kinders loooooved this and I cannot take credit for making it up. I saw it on a blog and not sure which one (sorry!). 
The kids were asked to hop and count each syllable for each card. I made each card have a different style of bunny and they loved it!
She was hopping and happy all day after this workstation!

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Rae said...

Your students are soooooo lucky to have such a creative, "on IT," teacher who truly understands what it means to make learning real for them!