Saturday, May 14, 2011

Does it SINK or FLOAT? Let's find out....

My personal life pretty much the same-o-same-o, so I decided to blog about my classroom again. 
This week I did a simple science experiment with the kiddos. 
Here's was we did:
The students were given a paper to record there findings. The question was "Will it sink or float?" Here is what we used. 
One plastic cup filled with water.
a penny
a paperclip
a small piece of paper
a cotton ball
a lima bean

Step One, Have the kids to make an estimation on whether the items will sink or float. Next go one by one and  drop each item into the cup of water.
Once the item was dropped in they were asked to record their findings by coloring in the box according to what happened.

The kiddos loved this experiment. They noticed that paper will float and a cotton ball will sink.

One of my little guys discovered if you get the cotton ball wet and then squeeze it, and drop it back into the cup again it will float on the top instead of sink like it did the 1st time.  (I love those brains!)
We had a rich conversation after this experiment was through. We chatted about why some items would sink or float. We compared our estimations to our results and the kids loved getting to play with water. AND, only one cup was spilled out of 12. 
That's pretty good! :) 
E-mail me if you want this document- I'd love to share it with you!

until next time...

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