Friday, May 20, 2011

fun stuff!

These are the stunning mountains that rest behind our campus... they are majestic!

I loved the dog drawing lesson we did last week . The kids all did great with this!

Here is a center I made up this week.
Each student gets a cup with 6 beads in it. The beads have
letters on them. They pick one bead at a time and 
have to write 3 different words on their paper 
that start with that letter.

 Here is another workstation for patterning :)

I copied off some fun spring time clip art onto colored paper and then cut it into little squares. The kids had to make patterns on their paper using the clip art squares. They looooooved it!
This is just another way we practice addition during math-     Yes, these are painted Lima beans!

until next time....


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Anonymous said...

Love the video and you are right, the mountains are gorgeous! What a beautiful place to work.