Monday, July 2, 2012

My 3 faves Right Now....

1. Look at what I found at Costco this week!
 It is this white fluffy area rug! We got it for our living room and we're loving it (so is Sophie!) We had to get the light colored rug because of the dog and her shedding ordeal (but we love her so it's fine). So when we went to, we found it, bought it, and as we got to the door where they check your receipt on the way out the Costco lady said to Jordan, "let me guess, you guys don't have any kids?!?!" It's safe to safe she was referring to us buying a white area rug. Well, we figure for the price we were getting this rug for the baby or dog will ruin it within a year or so and it'll be ok. This rug was so affordable for Maui and actually fits in with our style perfectly. You won't believe how hard it is to find a cute rug here on the island that doesn't cost you $600 or more! We got this one at Costco for $298. We're happy & so is the pooch!


2. I am loving this drink right now. Not sure if it's because I'm pregnant but it's just so refreshing! You can find it at Costco as well. I have to limit myself to one every other day or else that case would be gone by now. If you haven't tried the blood orange flavor, you got it give it a try!  
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 3. Oh yes, I went to see this summer's hottest flick for women and gay men since Boogie Night's... Magic Mike!!! It was funny and surprisingly entertaining. I really think Mr. Channing Tatum has all the right moves. Although he's not really my type he sure can DANCE! He put a hip hop twist on to this stripping moves and made it so much better! He's acting skills are another story. I thought the love connection between his character and the girl (I've never seen her before) was very real and cute. I liked their flirting and their on screen chem. I give this movie a 7 out of 10 for the entertainment factor. I'll see it again when it comes on HBO on a Friday night when I am stuck at home, haha!
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beachcitylifestyle said...

Haven't seen the movie. I couldn't see the photos of your rug (they didn't load or something), but it sounds adorbs! The Pellegrino sounds delish. I'll try it! How are you feeling? Teri