Monday, June 20, 2011

bye Tara...

On Showtime they have a series called The United States of Tara. It is an stellar cast that has all levels and dynamics the show just rolls without a dull moment. One flight I took on Delta they had about 5 episodes you could watch on your screen in front of you and so I did and was hooked. I wanted to watch more when I arrived home again, but on promlem... it's on Showtime and we don't have acess to those channels. 
A few months later,  Showtime was offered to us by our cable company for only a $1 more per month (we got HBO too!) and I was so excited. I though to myself "now,  I can finally catch up on all my U.S. of Tara series".  I watch all the episodes on Showtime on demand and was loving it. So, I think to myself I should look to see if U.S. of Tara has a fan page on Facebook... it did have one, but that is when I read that this will be the last and final season of the show because it is getting canceled. 

I AM BUMMING... I really don't know why they would cancel it. I can only think of one reason. Like the directors and writers of 'Friends' thought- end the series while it's still good. I wish Showtime would listen to their viewers and keep the show on for at least one more season.

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