Thursday, March 10, 2011

This REALLY bugs me!!!!!

So .........this freaky looking creature scared the bah-jeezus out of my kids Monday morning. They opened a puzzle box to work on the carpet and this handsome little buggah came waltzing across the floor. I had the kids go to their seats and I threw a wet rag over it. I called the custodian and he came to kill it as the kids ran off to recess. 

Then,  two days later as my class is walking out the door to put their binders in their backpacks which hang right outside the classroom this friendly insect was waiting to come into the room. The students were acting like they have never seen a praying mantis before. The were yelling and pointing and I thought it was another scorpian and thought now what am I going to tell the parents! 
It was really cool until some kids got a little freaked out when it started fluttering it's wings as if it was about to take flight. Right then, the aide that works in my room swooped down and grabbed it with her bare hand and my mouth hit the floor. You couldn't pay me to pick this thing up with my hand! She safely moved it to the grass on the recess field and the kids went back to their task of putting away their  binders. It was so funny that just in one week we got these two HUGE and ugly visitors. Maybe it had something to do with all the gardening our school did on Saturday and dug up some of these creatures habitats.
So, what's been bugging you lately????


Jessica Rabbitt said...

Bugs bug me too! :)

Chauncey said...

oh my gosh! how creepy. i hate bugs haha, I always find a cockroach or two on my wall. i hate it.

haha cool post.

thx for following my blog.
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