Thursday, February 24, 2011

Feeling Inspired... well kinda   
So,  a few posts back (in December), I was on a health kick. I was re-claiming myself with working out and eating very strict. I dropped about 10 lbs. and was feeling great. Lately, I feel like my good habits have crumbled and I am slipping into a depressed mode b/c of it. I am doing okay with my food intake. I definitely could clean it up a bit by cutting out some of the little snacks (I'm a salty cracker lover!). 
One of my downfalls is when Friday afternoon rolls around, school is done, and I am ready for a beer. I love my weekend cocktails and feel like I deserve to have them. But with that comes the loose fork and empty calories that alcohol contain. 
Lastly, my workouts have been few to none. I can feel my body fitting tighter in my clothes and that is one of the WORST feelings ever! It's right up there with fighting with a loved one! My husband is supportive but I know he likes me best when I am feeling good about myself. He encourages me in the best way he knows how but, it's ultimately up to me to get moving. 
Most of my dear friends know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Oprah. I think she's the greatest! Well, on her show she had Jennifer Hudson on and well-OH DAMN! Jennifer is a bean pole now or as my mom would call it "a toothpick". I was blown away. 
On the show, when Jennifer 1st comes out, Oprah's first question was "what is your total weight loss so far?" and Jennifer said she couldn't say and was looking at her "coach" in the audience for approval. It was bizzare. But Oprah being who she is she got Jennifer to say it and it was a total of 80 lbs!!! Wowzers!

Well after watching that show she seeing how great she look and most of all how great she was saying she felt now, I was inspired. I felt like this is the time of my life I should be feeling healthy and confident about my body.

So, here is my plan. 

1.) Workout 4 days out of the 7 per week.
2.) Do not eat empty or unnecessary carbs (breads, crackers, pastas, rice)
3.) Drink 80 fl. oz. of water per day
4.) No diet coke (I've noticed this drink makes me eat more)
5.) As for drinking, only two glasses on the weekend.

I have a food scale I am going to dust off and bring back into daily use as well as lean protein meals with healthy snacks in between. 

Feel free to text, email, or call me to ask if I've worked out today. 
That will keep me honest and focused! 
Thanks for the support!  I will keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

YOU CAN DO IT!! I will keep checking in with you. Let's run up the new road together next week :)
xo, your school roomie

beachcitylifestyle said...

Oh my gosh! I know it's a struggle. You do deserve to relax and have a drink and good food after a long week. I really think it's moderation. If you absolutely need to taste something, you should. Just don't eat the whole thing. Working out is great, an hour long walk is good too for those days you just don't feel like a hard work out. It's a balancing act. I have a good book that Bethenny Frankel wrote I will send you. She talks about food like a bank account (or something like that), where you have to keep it balanced. Anyway, I'll send to you. It helped me with just how I view eating.
You are the best! Don't waste too much time in your young life worrying about dieting. It will all work out. Love you lots, Teri

jenn said...

I feel the same way! I did so great this summer and now...
"kay I'll help you and I'll need you to help me! They changed ukulele to wednesdays (not sure if it's every wed...) so I couldn't do workout weds. until 4 or so. We'll make a plan, 'kay?

Jessica Rabbitt said...

Do you have a gym membership? I need a workout buddy!

Gina said...

YAY! thank you ladies for all the great support and comments! I feel loved!

Jessica- yes! Powerhouse gym is where I have my membership. LET'S get after it girl!!!

Jessica Rabbitt said...

I'm at Powerhouse too! Email me what days/times you usually go!