Thursday, December 30, 2010

A fun game to play!

 So, my dear friend Pomai brought a fun and easy little game to play on Christmas with her to my house. It was a blast! It's a great ice breaker game to get everyone mingling and out of their comfort zones.  

Here is how it's played: the host gets name tags (one per person) and writes a famous person's name on it. Then, everyone at the party gets one of those name tags stuck to the BACK of their shirt. You can not ask who the person is, but you can try and guess by asking only yes or no questions. Everyone can see your name tag but cannot give you hints. 

So... we played this the other weekend and Jordan's name tag was my mom's name! Everyone else had people like Coco Channel, Ghandi, Bill Clinton and he got Lorie O'Connor! We were all dying! 
The picture below is the face Jordan made when he guessed it correct! We all had a blast! Thanks to Pomai!

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