Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful for....

So I was thinking I'd take a moment to think about what and who I am thankful for in my life. Well, since it is Thanksgiving week and all. . .
 Jenn, my mentor... she's done so much for my learning as well as helping me learn the art of teaching. She has played a huge part in my journey in becoming the teacher I am today.
My job. I could spend hours in my classroom with out pay because I get so wrapped up in my ideas to help the kids learn the best they can. It's a good thing I don't know the alarm code because then I'd be there till dark!
 My dad. For showing me my artistic side is a gift.
 Dan and Court for always being my support system and just a phone call away. KK has started a new chapter in my life. I get to be an Auntie. I cherish that role very much!
 Dwight, for stepping and being part of my life and doing it all over again.
 My doggie Sophie, for being a best friend and giving endless love.
 My team- "friends are family you choose". Brent, Ka'ai, and Pomai are true gems that I am grateful to have in  my life.
 June, for being a long distance friend. We always pick up from where we last saw each other. Bonnie, for always being great with words and full of laughs. We laugh so hard my stomach will hurt. Good times and memories with both these ladies!
 Where do I begin, this woman has made me who I am today. She's the person I turn to when all hell breaks loose and she pulls me back down to Earth. I'd be lost without my Mom.
 My Tay Tay, she's an old soul with a carefree attitude. You don't find true friends like this very often. I hold our friendship close to my heart.
Jordan, my husband, my man, my rock. He knows me so well. I thank God everyday for Jordan. I am always thinking how exciting our future will turn out to be! He keeps me from loosing my cool, he reads the fine print, and rubs my back every night in bed to put me to sleep. I love my husband.

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